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Out running around the world but most often found in the mountains of North Wales. Qualified Mountain Leader and avid ultra / trail runner.

Please get in touch if you want to know more or interested in booking me for an adventure soon. Specialty in the more unusual places around the North Wales mountain ranges – see my recent 174 peak project, Eryri Copaon | Snowdonia Summits

  • Eryri Ambassador – Gold
  • Qualified Mountain Leader 🎉🎉
    Wow, what a tough 5 days being assessed on all elements of mountain leadership – everything from navigation to environmental and rope work.  Big thanks to @garlandmountaineering for both the training and assessment this year – also my long suffering wife @sioned__ for allowing me a lot of time stamping around the mountains ❤️
  • Rec Level 2 First Aider
    In preparation for my Mountain Leader Assessment one of the pre requisites is to have passed the two day Rec Level 2 First Aider qualification. Had a great time with Helen and Steve from Snowdonia First Aid based in Capel Curig getting this very important tick in the box!
  • Paddy Buckley Solo Unsupported attempt
    Made an attempt at the Paddy Buckley round Solo / unsupported yesterday. Had to battle all sorts of issues from 25 deg heat, lack of water from streams, 50Km/h gusts on the ridges, rain showers and mist so thick the visibility was down to less than a few meters over night.  Managed to problem solve my way around most issues […]
  • Joining the Scimitar Endurance team and Ambassador
    🌍 Earth day is a great day announce something special for me. I have joined the @scimitarshop Endurance team and ambassador for their running kit🎉  Obviously it is amazing to have a brand that makes kit for the likes of TeamGB behind me but also important is one that is trying to do things better! A big factor for me is the […]
  • Training diary update – November 2020
    Total Distance 352 Km Target: 352 Km Total Time 41:30 Hrs Elevation 4,290m Training log – View here How did the month go? November was a game of two halves, firstly me deciding to try and integrate some more speed type work in to the plan after entering the Ultra Trail Snowdonia 100 (UTS100) but then rethinking that plan and […]
  • Race Report – Maverick Adidas Terrex X Series Jurassic Coast Ultra
    17/10/2020 – Corfe Castle, Dorset. UK Price Entry price including fees: £63.56 Course Let’s start with the course, it is a combination of terrains starting with rolling forest with lovely undulating ups and downs, it then progresses down to the coast where it joins the famous South West Coast Path until returning along a ridge line back… but before you […]
  • Training diary update – October 2020
    Total Distance 412 Km Target: NA Km Total Time 51:13 Hrs Elevation 9,672m Training log – View here How did the month go? One goal and one goal only – do a 100Km run. When I started this adventure in Feb / March this year my singular aim was to move up from being able to survive a 50Km run […]
  • Training diary update – September 2020
    Total Distance 332 Km Target: NA Km Total Time 37:08 Hrs Elevation 6,109m View this post on Instagram Anyone else get that awesome feeling like you’re a coiled spring ready to go? . . . . . #fitness #sprints #running #fitspo #fitfam #cardio #workout #fit #hiit #training #run #fitnessmotivation #sprint #instafit #health #sprinter #strength #hills #fitnessjourney #strengthandconditioning #outdoorworkout #runner #sprinting […]
  • Training diary update – August 2020
    Total Distance 389 Km Target: NA Km Total Time 47:01 Hrs Elevation 5,352m View this post on Instagram I mean can you even do a run without the obligatory crap on the floor shot?! Preparing to support @ultrarunnerliam tomorrow for a 4am start in #llanberis for an attempt on the #paddybuckleyround. I am going to be running stages 1 & […]
  • Petzl NAO+ EnerPower replacement battery review
    At £60 for a replacement battery for the Petzl NAO+ is expensive, we test the alternative 3rd party battery by EnerPower that is bigger and cheaper.
  • Training diary update – July 2020
    Total Distance 395 Km Target: 468 Km Total Time 55:24 Hrs Elevation 13,064m Training log – View here How did the month go? July should often be peak season for races and all sorts of fun things – obviously this year is different! Coming to back of my well planned training plan that was put in place to get me […]
  • From heel to toes: 12 Weeks on from the start of the new plan
    Follow on from this article Summary of what I am trying to achieve: Change from heel to mid foot strike with the aim of improving running efficiency and reducing injuries – Whilst…. Increasing training volume in training for longer ultramarathon races (100Km+). Starting back at the end of April I have been on a training plan that blends increasing running […]
  • Training diary update – June 2020
    Total Distance 364 Km Target: 345 Km Total Time 41:36 Hrs Elevation 7,554m Training log – View here How did the month go? Entering a new phase of the training plan in June, in May there was an emphasis of on increasing a full weeks training volume but spread across 6 days a week. In June there was more consolidation […]
  • Flexercises for runners that don’t like doing stretches
    Like a lot of runners I would not say my stretch and conditioning routine has been flawless… or consistent… or focussed… or existed! The idea of Pilates or Yoga has never really floated my boat either but when I committed to both raising my distance and improving my foot strikeI knew a key element was going to be getting good […]
  • Training diary update – May 2020
    Total Distance 401 Km Target: 395 Km Total Time 45:06 Hrs Elevation 5,157m Training log – View here How did the month go? Following on from the article I wrote here on changing my foot strike from heel to mid / forefoot I have been working a lot on incorporating barefoot and neutral styles in to my distance as well […]
  • From heel to toes: the long road to changing my foot strike without losing fitness
    For a guy like me where every iota of fitness has been hard won through many many Km’s the idea of losing that is equally painful as the time spent gaining it. But after 3 weeks in to training plan to take me from being 50Km race ready to 100Km+ I started to run in to issues – these included […]
  • Training diary update – April 2020
    Total Distance 267 Km Target: 202 Km Total Time 27:32 Hrs Elevation 2,426m Training log – View here How did the month go? Unless you have been living under a rock on Mars you will know the Covid-19 issues and the lock downs most countries have experienced. We were lucky in the UK to still be allowed out to exercise […]
  • Saucony Peregrine ISO vs 10
    Same name but a very different animal… Who is this review for? As a trail runner and aspiring ultra runner I will give a feet on the ground review of the Saucony Peregrine 10 the latest revamp in the line from last seasons ISO model. Often when manufacturers make tweaks to their lines they can be minor and barely noticeable… […]