Training diary update – June 2020

Total Distance

364 Km

Target: 345 Km

Total Time

41:36 Hrs



Training log – View here

How did the month go?

Entering a new phase of the training plan in June, in May there was an emphasis of on increasing a full weeks training volume but spread across 6 days a week. In June there was more consolidation to increase single sessions to larger distances but with a slight reduction in total training volume.

A total months reduction from May of about 60Km less but the highlight being a great double spine of the Malvern hills at 50Km distance and over 2km of elevation gain. It was a great test of using poles, walking uphills, nutrition, hydration and technique.

I decided to chuck something new in to the plan and used my new Inov-8 TerraUltra 260’s on my 50Km and the result was good, no major issues, no rubbing and muscles felt good. This is especially good as they encourage a lot more of a forefoot strike which in the space of 12weeks from being a dedicated heel striker is a great result.

Only minor downsides this month was in my barefoot running…

Was it calf pains – No

Was it sore ankles – No

Was it taking the end of my big toe off on a rock whilst gently running – Yep!

Next month I am getting some barefoot running shoes from Merrel so looking forward to more protected feet πŸ™‚

Now go on, just f’ing run!

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